The ForKids Center for Children and Families (CCF) is a $17M project that will consolidate seven different services sites into one centralized location in historic South Norfolk in Chesapeake. The site is close to highways and transit, replacing expensive-to-maintain turn of the century buildings, and expanding ForKids’s capacity to serve more families throughout the region. Through ForKids’s innovative service delivery model, excellent technology, and a regionally strategic location, the ForKids team will deliver expanded services across Hampton Roads.

In a modern mixed-use development, ForKids will consolidate its corporate headquarters with its service, advocacy and research teams, children's education center, Regional Housing Crisis Hotline, and family shelter in a 65,000+ s.f. facility accommodating a workforce of over 100 full- and part-time employees when it opens in 2020. ForKids will build an inviting, professional regional headquarters that will be an asset to its neighboring community, uplift the families it serves, educate our region’s most at-risk children and attract a skilled workforce to ameliorate and end family homelessness.