The Campaign ForKids
will create two centralized service centers impacting over 62,000 individuals every year. 

ForKids will replace expensive to maintain, turn-of-the-century buildings, expand service capacity, and improve access to public transit and regional highways.“Trauma-informed” design will create a calm and welcoming environment for families. Sustainable building practices will reduce operating costs while creating healthier buildings for children.

forkids center for children & families

In a modern mixed-use development, ForKids will consolidate its corporate headquarters, education center, regional services, Good Mojo retail and distribution operations, and family shelter in a 60,000+ s.f. facility accommodating a workforce of over 100 full- and part-time employees. ForKids will build an inviting, professional regional headquarters that will be an asset to its neighboring community, uplift the families it serves, educate our region’s most at-risk children and attract a skilled workforce to ameliorate and end family homelessness


suffolk regional headquarters,

our Birdsong center for families

A new, centrally located Suffolk Regional Headquarters will improve access to services for families while increasing community support and volunteerism for ForKids’ vital work in the region. The redesigned center will provide trauma-informed spaces for case management, counseling, and tutoring and a home-base for our mobile services team that serves the families of Suffolk, Franklin, Smithfield and Southampton and Isle of Wight Counties. 


the fund forkids endowment

A portion of The Campaign ForKids will be preserved for a lasting endowment to ensure the sustainability of our core programming for years to come. ForKids is committed to ensuring our services are available whenever a family needs us in the future.